Being a child while black has its consequences.

When you think of children, you may think of their innocent questions, their harmlessly foolish adventures in the backyard, or their funny reactions to tasting lemons for the first time. Unfortunately, when it comes to black children, their cuteness can not save…

Great read. Honestly, unemployment sounds great on paper, but even that was hard to get. I was one of those students who kept applying for unemployment every week just to receive nothing. My other friends were receiving $30 to $55 from unemployment every week. It wasn't until 2020 ( I'm very new in the job market) that I saw the importance of being part of a union and having someone to fight for you when employers and social services fail you.

The Queen of Entitlement has spoken. And we must listen.

Before I analyze and respond to Megan’s comments, let’s review just how relatable she is. This supporter of American meritocracy had former Senator John McCain as her father and has millionaire beer heiress, Cindy McCain, as her mother.

Cindy McCain…

Ah yes, finally Muslim teens are “freed” from those hijabs and burkinis

France’s Islamophobic and sexist laws are not a new phenomenon. It’s been 21 years since the French Senate approved a ban on all religious attire in classrooms including all religious headscarves, large Christian crosses, Jewish kippahs, Sikh turbans, and so on.

It’s been 11 years since the French Senate approved…

I may be a Democrat, but it is truly painful to watch Republicans ardently support their party while receiving nothing but crumbs from GOP leaders. The Republican Party is supposed to be the party of personal responsibility. It’s supposed to be the party that fights for the “little guy,” but…

Before you say “it’s just hair” or that it’s “appreciation not appropriation,” don’t.

Living in America, a country that has never and still doesn’t respect blackness, is extremely difficult for black people because every piece of our identity is policed and “regulated.” Black hair is policed in every setting whether…

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